The American Corners Program is an international program which works as a partnership between the United States Embassies worldwide and county or university libraries in various countries of the world.

     The Program was launched in Romania in 2005, with the opening of the American Corner Timişoara. New centers have opened ever since, in Iaşi, Craiova, Bacău, Baia Mare, Constanţa, Cluj, Targu-Mureș and Bucharest.

     The American Corners Program in Romania seeks to promote understanding and cooperation between the two countries, by providing accurate information about the United States’ life and culture. Any American Corner is a small cultural center which operates within a major library and offers a wide range of information with the aid of books and audio-visual resources. American Corners organize cultural events and activities, and also operate as a platform for joint programs.

     The American Corner Constanta, based on the partnership between the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest and Ovidius University of Constanta, was opened in May 2006. The Center functions as a regular library with loan and reference sections, so that the readers can either borrow books or consult them on the friendly premises in the new campus of Ovidius University.

     The entire catalog of the American Library Constanta is available online at     

     The American Corner Constanta is interested in interacting directly with the public by using the resources in conducting cultural programs, including speakers and student advising, as well as exhibits and professional development training. It is also an important resource for the students and staff in American Studies of Ovidius University  Constanta. 



The book collection

General information on the U.S. and specific topics of American Culture and society:American history; Biography; American geography; Government; Political science; Contemporary American society; Cultural Diversity; Journalism; American art; Performing arts; Health issues, HIV / AIDS; Environment; Non-fiction; Presentation books; Business information; Gale reference resources.

Information on the U.S. educational system and opportunities for studying in the U.S:Materials on how to study in the U.S.; Educational information.

English as a second language for learners and teachers

American literature: Library of America – a collection of American literary classics, in authoritative, accurate and unabridged editions.

A combination of books about U.S. history, holidays, biographies, science, environment, fiction and sports for young readers.

The feature and documentary film collection describes people, movements and events that changed the face of America and of the world.



The American Corner Constanta is a platform for:

•       Lectures on various aspects and issues of American culture, such as major moments in U.S. history, music, sports, cities, manners and customs, education in the U.S., offered by American guests speakers, American Fulbright scholars, and Romanian Fulbright program alumni;

•       Lectures on global issues, such as tolerance, HIV / AIDS, trafficking in persons, environmental issues, participatory democracy, women’s issues, etc., offered by International Visitor Program alumni, Romanian and American Fulbright scholars, NGO representatives, journalists, or representatives of local government;

•       Feature and documentary film screenings, followed by discussions, with participation of Romanian and American Fulbright scholars, Peace Corps volunteers in the area, English Language Fellows;

•       Literature: readings by authors, discussion evenings, etc;

•       Informal conversation sessions on topics of American culture, with American and Romanian facilitators;

•       Workshops on various issues of practical interest for specific categories of the public;

•       Holiday themed events: Earth Day celebration, Human Rights Day, Halloween, etc;

•       Educational advising for those who want to study in the U.S.

Responsible persons:

  • Professor Adina Ciugureanu, Ph.D
  • Professor Eduard Vlad, Ph.D.
  • Associate-Professor Ludmila Martanovschi, Ph.D.
  • Librarian: Rodica Toma


Constanța, 1, Al.Universității, Campus, 2nd floor, American Corner

Tel.0753310799, e-mail: Această adresă de email este protejată contra spambots. Trebuie să activați JavaScript pentru a o vedea.


Activities in January 2016:

-      07.01.2016, American Medical Studies on Prolonging Human Life Span, Popescu, Ph.D

-      12.01.2016, Film Club on the topic of “American Medical Studies on DNA”, Gălbează, Ph.D

-      12.01.2016, English Teaching and Testing Grammar Exercises, Gălbează, Ph.D


Recent activities:

-      08.12.2015, Learning English Language on the topic of „The Wonders of Wild Alaska”, Assist. prof. Alina Gălbează, Ph.D

-      24.11.2015, Seminar „The Human Limbic System During Stress, Trauma, and Traumatic Stress Diseases.” - (MAJ) Fr. Timothy J. Meier, SJ, Ph.D., from US Army Civil Affairs Team 8035, Mihail Kogălniceanu

-      05.10.2015, “The Discursive Origins of Democracy in America” & “American Foreign Policy as Political Strategy” - dr. Richard Anderson, professor at Political Sciences Department, University of California, Los Angeles.