The Relations Department for Public and Private Institutions (RDPPI) of Ovidius University of Constanta (OUC) was established on a proposal from the Board of Directors. This Department is subordinated to the Vice-Rector responsible for institutional development and for the relationships with the economic environment and the local community, under the law in force and under the OUC Charter (and under this Regulation).

     RDPPI aims mainly at providing an institutional framework necessary in order to support the development and the optimization of the relationships between OUC and its socio-economic environment.

     RDPPI directs the Office for Partnerships with Businesses and the Local Community as well as the Practical Training Office; both offices represent extremely important components which play a major role in ensuring an optimal relationship between OUC and the socio-economic environment.

     OUC has also proposed to establish a partnership between the business environment and the university; therefore, another initiative of RDPPI is to establish a Forum of Business People in order to help increase the entrepreneurial character of Constanta’s higher education and to ensure the successul insertion into the labor market for future graduates.