Issuing the similarity report and evaluation of the thesis in the mentoring committee


     In order to organize the public defence of the doctoral thesis, the PhD student submits to the ISD secretariate an electronic format of (.pdf) the doctoral thesis in extenso and an application (Annex 1) requesting the development of the evaluation procedures of the thesis and the issuance of the similarity report made with the help of the programme.

       The PhD supervisor and/or the Doctoral School may additionally request the use of a nationally developed similarity detection programme.

      Similarity reports are included in the PhD file.

      The verification period may not exceed 30 days from the date of submission of the PhD thesis to the ISD Secretariate.

     The PhD supervisor submits to the ISD Secretariate, within 30 days of receipt of the similarity report, his/her resolution (Annex 2) on the similarity report, admitting or rejecting the PhD thesis for the mentoring committee.

      If the supervisor's resolution is favourable, the doctoral student will present the doctoral thesis to the supervising committee.

      The presentation of the thesis to the supervising committee takes place in the presence of the doctoral supervisor and may be public.

      Following the submission of the PhD thesis and the analysis of the similarity report generated by the anti-plagiarism system, the mentoring committee decides on the submission of the thesis and the organisation of the public defence. In addition, the Agreement of the members of the mentoring committee is issued (Annex 3).

      The term allowed for the thesis evaluation process in the mentoring committee is 30 days.

       The PhD supervisor submits his/her report and the agreement of the members of the supervising committee to the ISD secretariat.

       The doctoral student will complete and submit to the ISD Secretariat the Liquidation Form (Annex 4), certifying that he/she has no debts to the University.

      Approval for public support is not obtained if violations of good conduct in research and development, including plagiarism of results or publications of other authors, fabrication of results or substitution of fictitious data for results, are identified in the evaluation of the thesis by the supervisor or the supervising committee. In this case, the supervisor will forward his/her resolution to the ISD secretariate and the doctoral student may resume the procedure by submitting a new application accompanied by the revised thesis.


Doctoral student's doctoral file registered for the thesis defence


     The doctoral student's doctoral file registered for the organisation of the public defence of the thesis is submitted to the ISD secretariate at least 20 days before the date of the defence of the doctoral thesis and contains the following documents:

a.        PhD candidate's CV (Europass format) signed;

b.       List of publications (1 signed copy) resulting from the thesis (achievements described in the doctoral thesis published by the doctoral candidate in extenso and/or accepted for publication), in the following order: Title (title of the work), Authors, Journal Name, ISSN, Year of Publication, Journal Type, BDI Name/Impact Factor (ISI), Link to the public area of the publication);

c.        Published articles from the thesis topic (cover page, full table of contents and article pages) and/or Manuscripts accepted for publication and proof of acceptance - in electronic format

d.       Application (Annex 1) requesting the start of the thesis evaluation procedures;

e.        Scientific supervisor's report, signed in one copy;

f.         Resolution of the PhD supervisor on the similarity report (Annex 2);

g.        Agreement of the guidance committee (Annex 3);

h.       Liquidation sheet (Annex 4) ;

i.         Doctoral dissertation in hard copy, in duplicate;

j.         The abstract of the doctoral thesis (max.15 files) written in Romanian and English includes: table of contents, keywords, summaries of the main parts of the thesis. Abstracts must be submitted in printed format (one copy each - in the two languages indicated above) and in electronic format on a CD (one editable .pdf document for each version: Abstract-ro and Abstract-en).

k.       Proposal of the doctoral supervisor on the composition of the doctoral committee (Annex 5)

l.         Signed statements by the PhD student (Annex 6) and the PhD supervisor (Annex 7) on the assumption of responsibility for ensuring the originality of the content of the PhD thesis and compliance with professional ethical standards (to be submitted signed in one copy) ;

m.     The doctoral candidate's application (Annex 8), specifying the date, place and time of the public defence of the doctoral thesis, approved by the doctoral supervisor and the chair of the doctoral committee;

n.       Declaration by the PhD student on his/her options regarding the publication of the PhD thesis, signed (Annex 9);

o.       CVs of the members of the doctoral committee, in electronic format (.pdf);

p.       Referees' reports, signed.

q.       Receipt / Order for payment of the PhD thesis fee